Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Little White Box

Today, I stumbled on a little white box as I was coming in. It totally took me by surprise because I was not expecting a package. It turned out to be a sweet package from my friend Joy. Interestingly, Joy and I have never met in person. We were both at She Speaks two years ago but never connected. We've chatted on-line some and marveled at the similarities in our lives from both being twins to struggling at times with making friends. We've lamented not being able to go out for tea or hot chocolate. Dear Joy sent me all kinds of treasures -- candles, tea, a Snickers bar that says "Believe," a little notebook, . . . . The best gift of all is being thought of.

Who have you thought of today? Can you send them a handwritten note or give them a call? You'll never know what joy you might pass on!


1 comment:

Joyful said...

Oh Amy, so glad you received it and enjoyed the little surprises. Knowing of your 'joy' today is blessing me. Today has been a crazy, busy day for me. Sorry I missed you when you sent your message earlier.

If you think of it, please remember my son in your prayers tomorrow. At 2pm he will be doing his A.R.C.T. piano exam. It is a one hour playing exam, all by memory. He must receive 70% on every piece in order to pass. This is a huge exam. Would appreciate prayer for him. Thanks.

Love ya,