Sunday, May 2, 2010

Care Worthy of Sacrifice

Do you ever have those moments when an author writes a word or phrase and it just jumps off the page at you and sinks deep into your mind? That happened to me recently. I really think it was a God thing.

I firmly believe that God's hand is on everything. This includes even authors who do not profess Christ. It includes fiction. It includes the man pumping gas next to you who says or does something that makes you pause and reflect on God. It's the woman in line at the bank or a song where lyrics grab you. Truth: God can use anything to point to Himself.

Recently, I was reading a book called Graceling by Kristin Cashore. Honestly, I have no idea where Ms. Cashore stands in relationship to God. I do know that it is a non Christian, teen fiction book.

I also know that a passage took my breath away.

Katsa and Po both live in a land where "graces" sometimes manifest themselves. These graces give the person unusual abilities. They also set the gracelings apart in very difficult ways. Through a series of events, Katsa and Po end up on a rescue mission of sorts. As they are fleeing with Princess Bitterblue to safety, Po makes the decision to stay behind. Katsa is left to care for Princess Bitterblue alone. The weather is freezing and Katsa has some doubt that she can get the girl to safety.

But there is a moment of decision on Katsa's part. Ms. Cashore writes, "Her care of Bitterblue must be worthy of Po's sacrifice."

This rephrase jumped into my head. "My care of others must be worthy of Jesus' sacrifice."

Jesus didn't stay behind. But He did sacrifice himself for us. And then He went on ahead, leaving his mission to the world to a ragtag band of disciples and ultimately to me and you. He leaves the day to day, physical care of others to us.

Katsa's grace helps her brave the elements and mountain lions. Jesus graces helps us brave this world. Katsa focused on getting Princess Bitterblue to safety. It was her primary concern. What if our focus, my focus, was getting others safely home? How would that play out in day to day interactions? Would I take the best for myself or leave the best for someone with more need? Would it keep my words in check so that I only built others up? Would it impact how and where I used the finances God has given me?

I hope that it would. But I know that I am a work in progress. Still, today, I hope my aim is to care for others in a way that is worthy of Jesus' sacrifice.



Missie said...

I am also so amazed when God creeps up out of the oddest situations, like even the Lost series!

Katie said...

I love it when God pops up in the unexpected like that.
<>< Katie