Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roots and Wings

I don't like relationships to end. But the truth of the matter is that some relationships are meant to end. They are a learning place for someone to jump off from. I understand that, but I am still a bit sad about some news I received yesterday.

I've been a Compassion International sponsor for a number of years now. My first two children were Kayirangwa from Rwanda and Delia from Ecuador. Two years ago this summer, I learned that Delia's parents had opted to pull her from the program. There was no real reason given. It felt like a loss.

Compassion immediately sent me the picture of another little girl in Ecuador to consider sponsoring. Her name was Ambar. Though my heart yearned to know what was going on with Delia, I became Ambar's sponsor and began corresponding with her.

I logged onto my Compassion account to submit my giving for the month over the weekend. I was surprised by a note asking me to contact Compassion about Ambar. I confess that my heart sank a bit as I surmised that Ambar must have left the program. She was no longer listed on my account.

I emailed asking about it and left my work number so they could more easily get in touch with me. I got the email last night and a voice mail today.

I was right. Ambar's parents had decided to take her out of the program. However, it turns out that aside from missing her, there was really no reason to be downhearted about this turn of events. Ambar's family's circumstances have changed for the better. While I don't have the details, apparently they felt that the needs being met were no longer acute and they could care for her. They wanted a child who needed the spot to be able to benefit.

Ambar has continued to excel in school. She has now finished the fourth grade and her parents plan to allow her to continue her education.

And, the email told me that in the last several months, Ambar had become a Christian!

I've heard it said that being a parent is giving children roots and wings. They need both. I think, perhaps, that being a Compassion sponsor is a bit of the same thing. I'm so glad that I've been able to be part of giving Ambar roots and wings. I will continue to pray that God holds her close and brings her safely home to Him in the fullness of time.

I get to write Ambar one last letter. Please pray that I would know the right words.



Joyful said...

Praying for you right now Amy. How exciting though to know Ambar accepted the Lord and that her family situation has improved. God just has you spreading out His love to so exciting!


Jill said...

Amy that is so exciting that Ambar accepted Christ! For everything there is a season and maybe that was God's plan for this short season that Ambar was in the Compassion program. Very cool!

Michelle said...

Praying that God guides your pen as you write that final letter. Thank you for blessing these two along their journey. I found your blog while searching for posts about Compassion. We have 6 Compassion children in our family and we've loved every minute of our involvement in this ministry. I can't wait to see the next child that God will place into your life. Maybe it will be more than one? (Did you know you can sign up to be a Correspondent Sponsor? You don't financially support the children but write them letters instead!)

Anonymous said...

I was sad when I read the first part of your post, then, as I continued to read, I was so relieved that everything was fine with Ambar! Thank you for caring for this young person and reaching out to those in need!

Missie said...

Wow! What an awesome thought to know you are making such a difference in a child's life from so far away! It is exciting to know that you will see her, and hopefully all the Compassion children you have sponsored, in Heaven!