Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hadley Rose

I had wanted a puppy for awhile but I wasn't sure how I would work it into my busy schedule. I should have known with my soft spot for all things furry that just looking at her would mean me taking her home. Sure enough, that is exactly what happened. One look at those big brown eyes and my heart melted.

Her name was Harley, but I couldn't see calling a girl Harley. I didn't want to confuse her and wasn't partial to Haley. I'm not sure where I had heard it before, but I decided to go with Hadley. it seemed close enough as well as different enough from Harley. Without thinking about it, I found myself adding Rose to it. Now, if I am in another room and call "Hadley Rose," she is about 80% sure to come.

So, a year and a half ago, when Hadley was 6 months home she came home with me to my cats dismay. (Though honestly, I think they do fairly well together.) She was sweet from the get go. Maybe that is to compensate for all the things she gets into!

One of her favorite things is cat food. However, it isn't good for her or the cats. They need to eat too and she would woof it all down. I've finally resorted to putting it on top of three storage bins. It was just on two, but she managed to climb them. This was taken today. Yes, she still tries and I'm waiting to see her make it!

Hadley Rose is a very friendly dog with people and other dogs. If we go on a walk and pass people on the porch, she whines to go and visit because everyone needs to rub her belly.

She is a bit of an alpha dog with other dogs -- even ones bigger than her. She doesn't put up with much, but she is also usually up for a game of chase and will run and run and run when we are at the dog park.

She runs so fast that her ears fly and I have expect her to fly too!

A year and a half into this adventure of dog owning, in spite of the items that have been chewed on or torn or gotten into etc, I am thrilled with the companionship and love.

Happy 2nd birthday Hadley Rose!



Anonymous said...

I love the flying ears!
Dogs and their unconditional love and welcome are a great reflection of the Creator, eh?

Katie said...

We have a baby gate in the laundy room doorway to separate puppy from kitty box crunchies (and kitty food). It works pretty well as long as it's well attached. If it's a little loose the cats won't jump over it, but they'll let you know if they're hungry. :-)

<>< Katie