Thursday, November 1, 2007

About Me

I am what I term a Christian "thinker." Some people would call me traditional and others would call me liberal -- it depends on where they are at on the spectrum of things. I believe there is value in traditions as long as we understand that they are traditions. At the same time, I don't always toe the line on what tradition might say. I believe God's word is higher than tradtions and that is what I am called to follow. So, to some that makes me seem liberal. But I beleive there are absolute truths and these come from God. So, I don't easily fall into the liberal camp.

I am also a writer and co-authored a book called FAITH ON THE EDGE: DARING TO FOLLOW JESUS. It is published by InterVarsity Press. I spent 11 years on staff with them working with college students. Now, I am doing a myriad of things.

Here are the things I hope people say about me: Amy loves God, is loyal, caring, and friendly. I don't know that I achieve all of those all of the time, but I hope it is true most of the time.

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Anonymous said...

Amy, been missing you and been praying for you...