Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Answer -- A Story of Hope

Hi to anyone who stopped over regarding my question on Lysa's blog -- (If you didn't come from there you should stop in. It is really interesting and fun.) I asked the question in the comment section: Which country occupied by Germany during WWII save the majority of it's Jewish population (about 90%)?

The answer is Denmark! We don't hear about that all that much, but it is a great story. They were occupied and the Danish government learned about the impending roundup of it's Jewish citizens about 3 weeks before it was scheduled. They placed smuggled them out in false bottoms in fishing boats and saved about 3,000 lives. I think that is amazing!

I also think it a story of faith and hope. Denmark was an occupied nation and those involved risked much to smuggle their friends and neighbors and strangers to safety. They put faith into action. I also think they put hope into action. Without hope of success, they would have ignored the problem and many innocent lives would have been lost.

Hope -- it is reaching and reaching and reaching. It is action in the midst of adversity and going against the odds because we know the One who holds us in the palm of his hand.

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