Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not Always Personal

Sometimes (okay, lots of times) I struggle with taking things personally. I don't mean to. Part of it is that I assume motive when there isn't one. For example, there is work. At one of my jobs, my favorite thing is to interact with customers. Lately, I've been delegated to scanning and ordering shelves. I don't mind it some, but I've noticed that I've begun to take it personally. I assume that they don't want me working with customers.

Reality check, if I was that bad with customers, I wouldn't still be working there.

Still, I was disappointed Friday night to see that I was down for the same thing I had done the last several times I worked. I think it read on my face. My manager and I ended up talking a bit. She said, "Do you know how important that is? Because you do that, everyone can find what they need. It is so important." I admitted that customer service felt worlds more important.

Yesterday, I had a chance to talk to her again. I wanted to make sure she knew I didn't mind it, but I just wanted some opportunity to work with customers. She seemed to understand that and said that she would see what they could do. But she also wanted me to know that it was really good business to have me doing the shelves -- not because I couldn't work with customers -- but because I am both highly accurate and very fast at it. I guess I get more done than most at it.

But the point is, that I took it personally. There was nothing personal about it. She actually saw it more as a compliment.

Do you ever take something personally that really isn't?



Joyful said...

Amy my friend you are not alone. I too sometimes take things overly personal (okay...lots of times!). I think it's wonderful that you recognize and acknowledge that you do this. It's the first step to gaining a new perspective and surrending our feelings to the Lord.

When I worked at the bookstore, I loved shelving the books. Two reasons: 1. it gave me opportunity to really get acquainted with the inventory and 2. I'm a detail girl, so I knew the books would be put away or ordered correctly. Other employees were happy to get the books in the 'general' area...I'm little Miss Precise!

Don't lose heart Amy. Your job is vital and I'm sure you have been chosen for those tasks because of your efficiency.


mel the magnificent said...

you remind me of my sister!!

Lelia Chealey said...

Oh yes...been there done that. I don't think Gene ever goes through emotions like that. I do enough for the both of us I suppose. :)
Now my friend, please don't take it personal that I STILL have a package for you. :) Did I mention to you when I got your address that I don't intentionally procrastinate, but Lord help me, I do. :(
Love to you Miss Amy!

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Hi, Amy! I just read Isaiah 62 and thought of you and prayed for you. I pray He ministers His love and truth to you through this chapter! are "famous" in my eyes! :) I couldn't believe I was sitting next to you at She Speaks last year at lunch! Wowzie!

Hugs and prayers to you!