Monday, July 6, 2009


I was just paying bills and lamenting on how little stretch there is in things. But then I went out and put the bills in the mail. (I still do that sometimes!) I found a letter from my Compassion International child in Rwanda. Kayirnagwa is 11. She wrote to me about how she wants to learn to write me with her own hand. And then she went on to say that she now has to stay home because she is the eldest. She cooks most meals and takes care of her younger siblings. You see, many months ago, her mother injured her back.

How is that for perspective on bills and such? I have been so blessed. I had chores but nothing to the point of my family's welfare depending on me. I have bills, but while I "want," my wants are very different from things I need every day. It's humbling.

I just wrote her a letter on line. I hope it flies uncommonly fast to her so that she knows how proud I am of her as she helps her family.

Please join me in praying for Kayirangwa and her family. Pray that her mother would be well and that Kayirnagwa can go back to being a child a bit longer and learning to write and read and do math and all those other things. She's too young to have so much responsibility. But then, perhaps that is my western mindset speaking. Still, I do pray for her to get to be a child a little bit longer.


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