Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cheering Section

Having a puppy has put me outside more. The three-year-old neighbor boy has taken a liking to both me and Hadley. Truth be told, we've taken a liking to him and the rest of his family too.

The Lake Run Club sponsors a "Kids Run for Fun" program each Friday night in the summer. They run in age groups a quarter of a mile. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to go cheer Alex on. He was excited to have "Miss Amy" come watch. I think he would have also liked to have Hadley, but I thought it was best that she stay home.

I enjoyed cheering him on as he ran past. He was excited to show his ribbon (all the kids get them).

I wasn't involved in a ton of come-watch activities growing up. However, I do remember being in some school plays in junior high. I also remember being thrilled when the youth minister and his wife and some of the families that we babysat for came to watch. White Oak Junior High's rendition of the "Convertible Teacher" was very far off Broadway. I doubt that it was at the top of the list in entertainment. But they came to support us and not because there was any great talent.

Kids need people -- outside of their parents -- to take an interest in them. I think it helps them feel valued. But as I've thought about it, grown ups need that kind of interest too. Don't we all want some one to take an interest in something we do?

The problem is that life is so busy that we lose sight of that. What child or teen can you cheer on by going to a game or a show? What adult can you cheer on? Maybe they are into sports or drama or maybe they've been working hard at exercise and weight loss or some other accomplishment. What would it mean to them to get a note from you?

Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a culture where everyone had their own personal cheering section?



Joyful said...

I'm with you 100% here Amy. And, for the record, I'm cheering you on across the border as you run your race for Him.


travelmom said...

I'm reminded of a book I read many years ago - Balcony People - by Joyce Landorf. We all need those "balcony people" to come along side and encourage us with their presence. Even if we don't have balcony people in our lives, we all have the ability and opportunity to be someone's balcony person. Great reminder! Keep on posting. Blessings!