Monday, October 5, 2009

Contentment -- Priceless

I know you've seen them -- those commercials for Visa.
  • New shoes -- $20
  • New dress -- $75
  • New hairstyle with highlights -- $100
  • Memories to last a lifetime -- Priceless.

Visa has our number. If $200 can promise something that is priceless, and will last a lifetime, of course we are going to buy.

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Kim said...


That post was really encouraging to me! I, too, went to SLT and remember that talk. You are right - it's so easy to get needs confused with wants, and to forget that only my relationship with God can truly bring satisfaction to my heart. Thanks for the reminder - and the flashback to SLT!


Faith Imagined said...

Excellent devotional!

Pttyann said...

Hello Amy
How very true we often get our wants all mixed up with our true needs and what we really need is a closer walk with our precious Saviour.I enjoyed your post Amy thanks for sharing.
Love ya