Saturday, October 31, 2009

Impossible Is Not A Word

I am an optimist when it comes to other people. While I wish it wasn't so, I tend toward negative thinking when it comes to myself. This is what I tell myself:

  • "Things are never going to get better."
  • "I am always going to struggle."
  • "I can't do _________"
  • "Why can't I do __________ right?"

Everything is impossible for me. I recently heard What Faith Can Do by Kutless. One of the lines says, "It doesn't matter what you've heard, impossible is not a word. It's just a reason for someone not to try."

Jesus proves the validity of this statement. From man's point of view it was

  • impossible for a virgin to conceive a child
  • impossible for the dead to rise
  • impossible for a sinful man to find a find a way back to God.

Yes, all of that is impossible without God and a number of other documented things in the Bible.

Matthew 19:26 states "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

So when I look at myself and say that something is impossible, I am in some aspects correct. But it also means that my vision has gotten near sighted because it is so far from true when I turn my gaze upon God.

What seems impossible to you today? Where are you looking?



Laura said...

This line jumped out at me in this song too! A very pretty tune, i think. Hope you are well. Sending blessings you way!

KK said...

I'm terrible about jumping to the worst case scenario and thinking life is over...when in reality nothing is impossible with God. That is my favorite line of any song ever!

christina said...

This lyric of this song was just brought to my attention today. There is so much power in that statement. In a world that has a subtle way of forcing me to conform to a shallow expectation of life, this lyric reaffirmed my passion that our actions in life do not need to be understood by the human spirit. I am a circle that tends to be forced into a square, but with faith in God's power and intentions for my life - His grace and significance shine through me - and as a circle amongst so many squares - I will be noticed in a way that will lead others to God. If I were to conform to a square, I would merely blend in and God's light would not be as visible to others and I too would begin to think things are impossible.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this :) Made my day! I really wish I could grow closer and closer to God. Can you help? :)
I don't want to use my real name, but my email is


(Shawn Benniker is my alias :) )
Thank you!