Sunday, April 18, 2010

When I Cannot See You

Yesterday, I went to grab a few groceries at Meijer. I scouted out the shortest line and hopped in, planning what to do next. I had a few things on my agenda and was feeling somewhat rushed. I perused the magazines and then as the clerk was finishing with the man in front of me, I piled my groceries onto the belt.

Then I heard, "Your card has been declined."

The man ran his card again and punched in his PIN. It was declined again. He was starting to get flustered. I was starting to get irritated. He said that he didn't know what his wife had bought. Apparently, they had a limit on their debit card. He pulled out his cell and called his wife. The conversation went back and forth. He got more flustered. I got more irritated. He got off the phone saying, "I hate getting yelled at for something that isn't my fault." He used a credit card and it went through.

I got a little more irritated. If he had the credit card all along, why hadn't he used it right away? Why had he continued to waste my time as well as the woman behind me with a long drawn out drama of calling home.

Last night, I was talking with a few people about how invisible clerks are. I was thinking of some of my interactions on the other side of the counter at Barnes and Noble. I said, "Part of it is that we just really get focused on ourselves." My statement settled into my heart. I had been so focused on me and my time earlier that day that I totally missed the man in front of me. I missed the embarrassment he obviously felt. I missed the tension. Instead of seeing with grace, I only saw that he was holding me up.

I confess that I cannot see you or anyone else when I am only focused on me. That probably happens too much.

So, today I am praying that God would help me really see those around me first. Will you join me?



Lisa C. said...

Excellent! I feel this way nearly all the time! Rushing around, getting the kids to school, getting to work, running errands. My entire life feels like "I" have to this, or "I" have to that. Thanks for reminding me that although my tasks are important, other people are just as important and I need to focus on them for a change! And really, when we do focus on the other person, don't we feel so much better inside? I know I do! Thanks again!

Missie said...

that happened to me the other day...we were so rushed. i didn't say anything to her and I wish that I would have just paid for her groceries or at least given her a moment of my time.

Joyful said...

Amy, a similar situation happened to me on Saturday. I had rushed into the grocery store to pick up 2 items...I chose the shortest line...then the man in front of me had his watermelon ring up so ridiculously priced that a check had to be done on it. The clerk called for someone in produce...we waited...she called again. Once she rec'd the info she needed, then an "over-ride" had to be done on her register and she had to wander off and get a key. When she finally returned she informed the gentleman that his watermelon would be free because of the error. Suddenly I wasn't upset and frustrated. I was so happy for this gentleman and this act of kindness, now I was smiling...and thanking the Lord for allowing me to see grace and goodness.

Praying for eyes and heart to see the same today.
Trust you are well...I haven't been visiting blogs in awhile. Need to catch up on yours.