Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another NIU Update

Thanks to so many of you who have told me that you are praying about if I am to go or not. I really appreciate it! But I don't know much more than I knew a few days ago.

Most of today I have been thinking that since I haven't heard anything yet that God was closing that door. But apparently He is just saying "Wait a little longer to know." I am not organized, and one of my best vacations was done with very little planning aside from arriving and leaving! However, I do like to know those big picture things. And this is very different from a vacation!

Tonight, I got this email from the Illinois Counseling Association:

First, I would like to thank every one of you who so selflessly offered your time and expertise to assist NIU during theis crucial period.

I know many of you are anxiously waiting to know if your services will be needed, so I would like to update you on the status of the volunteer drive.

All information has been forwarded to NIU for the scheduling process. NIU is currently in the process of telephoning volunteers with specific assignments. Those who are contacted will be asked to attend a special orientation on Sunday, Feb 24 at 2 PM.

It is our understanding that LPCs, LCPCs, LSWs, LCSWs, and Licensed Psychologists who volunteered and had availability on Monday and Tuesday of this next week, when NIUs students return, and, who have indicated that they can be available for large blocks of time (eg: all day Monday, all day Tuesday, or both) are among those most likely to be contacted. (We have received word that volunteers that signed up from our database are among those contacted so far.

So, it looks as if I still might go or I might stay home. Either way, I know I will be praying. But I do hope to hear something tomorrow if I am to go. I'm sure they would like to know at work and I'm suppose to run power point at church on Sunday so I would need to get someone to cover . . . . And then there are the cats to be taken care of. But all of these things are things that God can easily take care of. Please keep praying for me and everyone involved -- students, faculty, administrators, volunteers, parents . . . .

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