Saturday, March 15, 2008

There's A Party Going On Right Here

There's a party going on right here! As I mentioned yesterday, I have Jill's boys for the weekend since it Hearts at Home. We've been having a fun time. I picked them up after school and we headed back to my house. I tried out a new recipe from a book (Taco Pie). (It was just average. I should have used one of the tried and true ones off of Lysa's site! However, the cookies were a hit.) Then I had a Financial Peace class and the boys went with me and just hung out. We got back to my house a little before 9:00 so we put in a movie. They had never seen Horse Whisper, so that is what we watched.

I'm not sure what time they got up. But when I went down about 9:00 they were read for breakfast. They watched some Hannah Montana and That's So Raven while I showered and changed and then we went to run some errands. In the process of running the errands, I gave them a couple options of what we could d0:
  1. Eat lunch out and go skating and eat dinner at home
  2. Eat lunch at home, go skating, go go a movie, and eat dinner at home as well.

They opted for the second. We had quite the party with Alex and Addy there as well.

I'm glad I brought snacks. These 4 skinny, growing kids, went through two bags of cookies, a bag 0f chex mix, and 4 granola bars!

Never say I don't entertain kids well! And it did go well. Everyone got along. The only problem was a bully on skates that was bothering Alex. Koyla talked to him and asked him to leave Alex alone. He did. But he started bothering the younger ones. Soon Addy was telling me about how he liked to stop quickly in front of people to make them fall. I asked her if she had told the rink guards, but she was feeling shy. I got their attention and together we reported the kid. It turns out that he is a regular who often gets kicked out.

Mindy came and collected her girls. I took the boys to Spiderwick Chronicles. Good if you like fantasy type stuff. And then we came home and they were allowed to pick casserole, or hot pockets, or little pizza, or pot pie for dinner. (I'm the only one that ate the casserole.)

Now, we've all showered and are watching TV. Bed time is coming as we have to be up early tomorrow for KidStuf!

Maybe this is my organizational gift: organizing fun stuff for kids.


Jenny said...

Sounds like you are having a blast!
I need to take my kiddos skating!

Thanks for the idea,
Have a great week!

Laura said...

That sounds like fun! Maybe that's your calling!! They need children's pastors in churches, you know! :-)

Anonymous said...

You made some memories that day! I always try to make sure kids who visit me feel the way those kids obviously felt when they spent time with you - respected as a person. I never treat a kid like "just a kid" and it sound like you don't either. Very cool.