Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catch the Wave Run Fun?

Okay, so a couple weeks ago I joined the Lake Run Club in Bloomington-Normal, IL. They have a beginners class called "Catch the Wave." I joined 2 weeks late and quickly discovered that I was in group 10 (the slow group.) Last week, they added a "transitional group" for those of us who were unable to run for 6 minutes straight. Of course, by last week, everyone was up to running 8 minutes walking for a few and running 8 . . . .

I felt a bit let down to drop into the transitional group. Last week we walked 2 minutes and ran 2 minutes. I managed to stay towards the front of the group.

Tonight I can actually said I had fun while running. Yes, I know this is hard to believe. But I was able to run the two minutes and only do one minute of walking. Amazingly, I could do it and hold a conversation. All tallied up, I ran about 20 minutes and between warm up and the walk intervals, exercised an additional 20. Total exercise for the day was 40 minutes.

But the amazing part is that I actually enjoyed it. Three of us are getting together Saturday for a "run."

Add to that, I've been working out at Curves. They have a machine that measures body fat. While I won't tell you my weight or what my total body fat count is, I will say that when they measured it yesterday it had gone down by three pounds of fat.

And at work, my office is participating in a county wide health challenge. It lasts 8 weeks. We participate as a team and get points for various activities (exercise, eating fruits/vegetables, reading something about health, drinking water.) Monday I managed to earn 45 points. Tuesday I earned 42 points. Today, earned 52 points. It's actually kind of fun to do as a group.

I just never imagined thinking of a run (/walk)as fun.



Micca said...

Amy!! I just got your message about how you "short listed" my book and now Barns and Nobel has ordered it!! THANK YOU!!
I can't tell you how honored I am. You're a sweetheart and I hope you're coming to She Speaks this year because I want to hug your neck!

Also, I enjoyed your blog. I, too, am trying to lose a few. It's hard because I feel that exercise is evil! But way to go on your 3 pounds! I've been inspired!

Thanks, again for your kindness. I'd love to send you copy. You can send me your mailing address at


Anonymous said...

Hey Amy,

This is Scott & Catherine from the Morning Show on 91.5 WCIC. Thank you so much for your sweet note and the FABULOUS cookies! Could you send me the recipe? My husband is a cookie monster and would love these! :)



Joyful said...

Way to go Amy!!!! WOHOO!!!

The only time exercise is 'fun' to me is if I'm doing it with someone else. Misery loves company.

Keep it up! You're doing great!!!