Saturday, March 14, 2009

She Speaks

I've made the very hard decision not to go to She Speaks this year. I was already registered and everything. The issue is financial. I've already been feeling financial stress and yesterday woke to a broken fridge. That needs to be replaced.

I am grieving not going. The content is great and I've learned things the last two times I've gone, I am more disappointed about not seeing the friends I've made. I do so wish I lived closer to people. I was even planning on going a day or two early and helping. LeAnn had told me it would all be grunt work (setting up tables and such) but I loved the idea of going and giving something back to P31.

I'm sure God has other things in store for me this summer, but I am disappointed.

However, I will keep the She Speaks counter going as a reminder for me to pray.



Joyful said...

Amy, I'm right with you re: this disappointment. I had SOOOO wanted to return to She Speaks this year as well. I too am most disappointed about missing out on seeing friends...gals who have become so dear to me over this past year. My heart is breaking that it doesn't look like I'll be attending either.

One day we'll all be together. "What a day, glorious day that will be!"


Anonymous said...

I am sad that you won't be there. I understand the tight financial situation. Praise God He made it possible for me to go this year... and I felt like I had the permission.

I will miss getting to see you there. But know that though I haven't been commenting much, I have been reading and keeping up with you.
Love you, and may God bless you through this journey you are on.