Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Supporting a Future Farmer in Rwanda

I was so excited yesterday to see the Compassion envelope in my mailbox marked "A Letter From Your Sponsored Child." It was the first thing I opened. To my great surprise, it also contained two pictures. The first one was of Kayirnagwa and a sheep. Her birthday was in January, so I had sent money for a birthday gift. Last year, the money was used to buy a hen so they could have eggs. This year they managed to buy a sheep to breed! I think I am supporting a future Rwandan Farmer! It is fun to know that they gifts will be put to such good use.

Kay wrote that she had a good Christmas. The Christmas money was used for bread and meat for her family. She wrote that the dress she is wearing in the picture above is the one that she wore for her church Christmas program. I am so encouraged that she is going to church.

The second picutre is of her family. This was real treat! I've asked questions about her family, but I don't usually get concrete answers. It looks like there are 4 children in her family, with Kay being the eldest. Aren't they adorable?

At the end of the letter, she wrote that her whole family loves me and prays for me. Who is getting the bigger gift -- her or me?



Kim said...

Amy, I love your blog. I sponsor a little girl in Guatemala and I also look forward to her sweet letters, which are always full of blessings for me! Kay is a beautiful child. :o)

Zay said...

Thanks so much for the cookies! They are delicious!