Friday, November 27, 2009

I Need A Proper Hug

I go to the movies on rare occasions. Part of it is simply logistics and not wanting to do the solo thing. But every once in awhile I decide a movie looks good enough to go it alone.

Today, I went to see Blindside. It's a major show but is a bit like Facing the Giants. It was excellent. (Cannot believe I'm saying that about a football movie.) But, honestly, it is more than a movie about football. Football is the secondary story line. The first is about a family that makes one decision after another to walk out their faith in very real and practical ways. At one point, a woman says to Leigh Ann (the mom), "You're changing that boy's life." She corrects her. "He's changing mine."

There were lots of lines that struck me. It is probably worth a second viewing. But as I left the theater, I was struck by a line that happened mid way through the movie and was repeated later. The family is celebrating Michael's success. Leigh Ann says, "I need a proper hug."

Through out the movie, whenever Leigh Ann starts to get emotional, she says, "Alright then" and leaves to hide the tears. As she has to part from Michael at the end, she does it again. Michael is perplexed but then follows her to the car. She tries to be brusque, at first refusing to roll down the car window. When she finally does, Michael says, "I need a proper hug."

Good movie that makes you so glad Michael has someone to hug him.



tiggerdaisy said...

Oh girl...I think I definitely want to go see this movie now! :)

Prayers and blessings,

Joyful said...

Amy, wish I lived near you. I'd go again to watch it with you. I kept wishing I had pen and paper to write lines down. Wonderful movie. Beautiful story.

I tend to be one who has hidden behind a tougher exterior, but from time to time, I tell my 17 yr. old son..."I need a hug", and he always complies. He doesn't give them freely, but when I ask he willingly responds with warmth. I've found that rather than pine away with the need unfilled, I just ask...or I give one...and in return I receive.

Hugging you across the miles...I isn't the same...

Love ya,

Angela Mae said...

Hello Amy!

I saw the movie a week ago and I love it! It's such a touching film and I had no idea it was based on a true to life story until I saw the credits. It's so good to know that even though there's so much mess in this world, there are still good things happening in some places.

I do hope the story of Michael and Leigh Ann will inspire more people to do better things in life.