Monday, November 23, 2009

So You Are In The Know

Today, I had two conversations about the device to the right. Neither person knew what I was talking about. I thought I'd share with you so that on Nov. 30th you would be in the know.

It is Nook. The management team at the Barnes and Noble where I work is adamant that it is simply "Nook." (To be fair, this is coming from corporate.) It is not a Nook or the Nook, just Nook.

Nook is an e-reader. It's a bit like the Kindle from Amazon. (But the people I talked to today didn't know about that either.) Basically, you wirelessly download books and read them on Nook. It's got a touch screen, nifty covers, over a million titles available, and you can even loan your ebook to other people who have Nook! Sorry, all of that beats Kindle.

It's been interesting listening to the buzz it has created. It doesn't debut in stores until Nov. 30th! Demand has outstripped all expectations without people even having a demo to play with in the stores. (The BN store I work at is leading the district in pre-orders.) On Saturday, I had a chance to pre-order it for a customer. I was a bit nervous. I wanted to make sure I did it all correctly!

I'm sure it is the wave of the future. I'm looking forward to seeing one, though it may take a bit for me to actually get one. Nook isn't in the budget at the moment. (No employee discount -- bummer!) Still, I am curious.

You can check it out at (click the picture -- it's a live link) or go into a store and any bookseller can tell you all about it. Either way, just tell them Amy sent you. Or not. They won't have a clue who I am. (But in case any BN management or corporate types are reading -- notice that I'm talking about it at my day job and not just in store and I'm even talking about it on the web!)

Now, you know. Nook is coming and you even know how to talk about it -- simply Nook.

I bet it makes it in the newest version of the dictionary next year.



Anonymous said...

Amy, This is Rita Presser, the lady that you possibly want to room with on the cruise. I didn't know you are a published author. I just read your article in the Aug P31 mag "Aquainted with Grief." NEAT STUFF! You hit the proverbial "nail on the head." I'd love to chat with you about the details. I think that if you are writing for P31, you are a great gal, and I would be honored to be roommate with you. Again, my email address is OR BTW, I want simply Nook, but B&N is totally SOLD OUT, I heard on the news this morning. BUMMER!

Joyful said...

Amy....just reading the comment above...are you really going on the cruise??? I'm so excited for you !!!!

I am contemplating She Speaks next summer. Seriously contemplating and praying. I'll let you know. I've got two ladies waiting for my answer. PRESSURE!! :)