Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No Dropped Stitches

Growing up, my mom taught us to knit. Each of us girls made a doll blanket. But that was the extent of our interest. When I went to college, I spent a semester in England. A woman who owned a wool shop came into Harlaxton College (University of Evansville's branch campus in Grantham, England) and gave free knitting lessons. Of course, we all bought our knitting supplies from her. About three fourths of the 200 students learned to knit that semester. Men and women could both be found carrying their knitting all over the castle. Once a week, about 30 students gathered in the TV room to watch what few American TV shows we managed to garnish from across the "pond." (Yes, this was in 1988. No internet based TV for us!)


That semester I made two sweaters. Recently, I picked it up again. Knitting always makes me think of the verse in Psalms that says God knit me together in my mother's womb. Knitting. It takes time. It takes patience. In reality, it is an intricate weaving of the yarn in and around itself. If you just knit across and then back, you get a bumpy pattern. If you knit across and use a pearl stitch back, you get a smooth "stockinet" pattern on the right side. Two stitches. You can combine them a number of different ways to make intricate patterns.


Some of it takes counting. I actually count a lot while knitting just to make sure I haven't dropped a stitch. A dropped stitch will inevitably leave a hole and mar the design.


Knitting. Time intensive design that is built one stitch at a time.


Knowing this, what are the implications for that verse about God knitting me together?


God took time.


He combined a multitude of stitches one by one to make me who I am.


He was careful with the design.


Each stitch, each hair on my head, is counted as valuable.


And God didn't drop any stitches. There are no holes even when I fell less than perfect. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


Now, if I could just remember that, perhaps I could thank God for my curls or a nose that I think is too pointy or face too long or a crooked finger. Each and every detail was lovingly worked, knit together, in an intricate pattern that God calls beautiful. Who am I to argue? Okay, I do argue about it, but I probably shouldn't!


I am a less than perfect knitter, but I can rest in knowing that there are no dropped stitches with God.


Joyful said...

This is beautiful Amy. A lovely tapestry of thoughts and truths woven together.

My sister has just been helping me refresh my mind on how to crochet. It's suppose to be "relaxing". Don't know that I'm there yet! :)

Trust you are well.

Heather - On the Road... said...

Oh Amy -
This was perfect tonight. It really struck a chord with me.

thank you so much for sharing. It's a blessing to know a few more details behind knitting too, I have a dear friend, that I have been unable to catch up with for a few months who knit a few sweaters for my kids, and it makes me cherish them even more knowing the time that went into them....
and then to think that God took that time and thought into knitting me together... my kids, my husband, all of us....

Thank you..