Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Forward

Yes, it is that wonderful time of the year when we change our clocks. We spring forward, so we lose an hour of sleep. While I am not a fan of that, I am pleased that it means an extra hour of daylight!


I've lived in places that participate in daylight savings and places that don't. When I lived in Indiana, it was always interesting because part of the state (the northwest and southwest tips) did participate and the rest didn't. However, I don't remember feeling deprived of daylight when I lived in central Indiana. It was nice not to have to worry about the clocks.


I do have a question. If spring forward gives us more daylight, why don't we just stay on that time? At some point in the fall, does it give us less daylight? Maybe my perception is off, but it seems that the only thing that happens when we "fall back" is that we get plunged into darkness. Again, that is my perception and it might be off, but I never seem to find the benefit there.


My alarm clock automatically adjusts for daylight savings, so I shouldn't be late on Sunday. But I do need to see if I can find the car manual so I can figure out how to change the clock in the car. The bad thing about only doing it twice a year is I can never remember how to do it!

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