Friday, August 8, 2008

A Child Buys A Hen

Yesterday I got a letter from Kayirangwa -- my Compassion International child in Rwanda. She nine years old. Several months ago, I sent some extra money for a birthday gift. She told me that it was equal to 5404 francs and in her mind it was quite a lot of money for me to send. She thanked me and told me that with the money she was able to buy a hen to have at home so her family can have eggs.

Most of the children I know, when given money, would buy a toy or something electronic. It's part of our culture. I doubt any child I know would buy a hen to provide eggs for their family. It's not that they don't care. It's just that we live in an affluent society even if we may feel like we struggle to make ends meet. I had no clue that I had sent enough to buy a hen that could lay eggs for her family. Knowing that the little I sent could have that impact makes me want to send more.

My friend Melissa encouraged us to go and look at Tracie's blog. Yesterday, Tracie shared about her trip to Ecuador and that a gift of $400 from a sponsor built one family a home when their home literally caved in on them. It is a great post about the work that Compassion International does. Click here to go and take a peek at it.

Sometimes what little we think we are giving is more than we can imagine. That is humbling. It makes me realize how much I really do have and how I have been blessed.


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