Sunday, August 31, 2008

Move That Church

Today was a very moving Sunday at church. Our church bought a 97 year old building in July. The summer has involved lots of sweat equity through food, hammering, cleaning, clearing, etc. It culminated today in the actual move!

The leadership decided that we would move everything in one trip. With God's grace and lots of amazing planning, that is what we did. We started with a brief worship time and then some words of encouragement and instructions. With everything labeled and a detailed plan of which of the 5 doors each item was to go out and which truck or vehicle each thing was to go in, it only took us about an hour to load! That is amazing!

Then we all went to unload. That was a bit trickier but still went very smooth. By 1:40 we were eating hot dogs and hamburgers.

I happened to bring my camera and between carrying things took 138 pictures. If you want to take a look, they are at A few other people will be uploading to the site as well. Who knows how many pics there will be!

Take a look at the excitement! The move was done in typical Crosswinds fashion with everyone pitching in.

And of course people were a bit tired after. Tomorrow is cleaning the old building and somehow unpacking boxes! I wonder how long we will say,

"Where did we put that?"

"In the youth storage room."

"Oh. And where is that exactly?"

How different to go to from a warehouse to a building with multiple levels and more rooms than we probably know what to do with!



Joyful said...

I journeyed over to the 'picture show' and every moment seems to have been captured on film. A picture is worth a thousand words - and the slide show speaks volumes!

Was your 'new' building formerly a church or school? It looks very well designed and in great condition! Congratulations on your move.


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

How awesome! So glad you're getting all settled in your new church home!!