Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Game of Tag

I've been tagged. Wasn't I tagged awhile back? Okay, maybe it was early this spring. It has been awhile. I'll try again. I just never have much luck with the people I tag playing along....

Here are the rules:

  1. Link to the person who tagged you --- LeAnn from P31
  2. Post the rules on your blog (check - you're looking at them)
  3. Write 6 random things about yourself (see below)
  4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them (see below)
  5. Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
  6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.
Now for my bit of randomness:
  1. I am a word person. I love words. I like trying new words. I recently signed up to get a new word a day at I know some of you are cringing. I've recently learned egress and panoply. Melissa can attest to my word addiction. She mentioned in a post that she had a friend teach her a new word but she couldn't remember it and with the barest of info I emailed her and asked if she meant cathartic? She did. So, yes, you want me on your team when playing games like Taboo. Please don't egress before reading the rest -- especially if I tagged you or you tagged me. And always stop and smell a panoply of flowers. (Or in plain English substitute in exit and array.) I also know that a lot of penguins is a peck, a bunch of baby kittens is not a litter but a kindle, a lot of geese is a gaggle, . . . . Those I learned in studying for the GRE.
  2. I love to write. I know, who would have guessed? My sister and I wrote epic novels in high school that were tragically destroyed when a sewer backed up in my basement. Yuck. But they were single space items each numbering about 300 pages. They were based off a TV show we liked with new characters added. We tried sending them to NBC only to have them returned with the note that they appreciated our enthusiasm but did not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Still, I think it was a bold thing to do for two teenage girls.
  3. I believe in big plastic bins. I love the pool but water in the house and I do not get along well. Yes, one year I had the sewer back up. The landlord told us that if we cleaned it up we wouldn't have to pay rent that month. No, I don't think so. We would rather pay the rent. Two years later, some catastrophe happened in the apartment above me. Water and the ceiling came down all over my desk. Again, if I wanted a break in the rent, I could clean it up myself. Again, I declined. One year later, the sump pump came undone due to the amount of rain. All of my things were in the basement. We had to rescue the computers and such. Oh, such a mess. Lots of lost books. They vacuumed up 70 gallons of water! So, now if it is important, it goes into plastic!
  4. My favorite thing to do is to make a child smile.
  5. The thing I am most proud of having done is volunteering with one child for 5 years once a week for 2-3 hours. He lived in a residential treatment center in town and had lots of behavioral problems. But he did well for me. It was suppose to be a year commitment . . . . It only ended because he moved to a different facility in a different town that wasn't so keen on having me keep in touch with him. Sigh. But we worked a lot on self control and manners and how to do things like make cookies from scratch. And we laughed a lot and ate way too many Hot Fudge Brownie Alamodes at Steak and Shake. We sat at the counter and I got him to practice talking to the employees and the managers. One day he told a manager we needed a deal because we bought so many Hot Fudge Brownie Alamodes. The manager agreed and after 5 the next one was free! He was as good for me as I was for him.
  6. My dream vacation would be horseback riding inn to inn in Ireland or swimming with dolphins.
Now, who shall I tag?
  • Melissa because I suspect that she'll do it and it will be fun to hear. If she doesn't like it she works with LeAnn and can torture her.
  • Joy because she is a new bloggy friend.
  • Lelia because she is just plain funny. I love the way she writes.
  • Nicky because she always makes me smile with the stories of her girls -- especially Kennedy. I love kids and know they have personality but Kennedy has an big personality for such a little girl.
  • Elaine because I want to know more about her after praying for her through something Renee did on her site.
  • Rebecca because she is a fun, sweet gal who makes me smile. And she likes daisies!
That's all folks. Hope you have fun playing and reading and all.



Lelia Chealey said...

I will work on this and post it tomorrow. Fun getting to know you even more! :)
Also, love your pic on your sidebar. Hmmm...wonder where you took it at?? :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thanks for the tag. I rarely do them on my blog, but I will give you some brief answers here...

1. Currently reading "The Shack" (jury still out on this one).
2. Love country music, although God has asked me to dial it back a great deal!
3. Favorite show (if I watch one) is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
4. I've been parenting nearly half of my life (4 kids, 19-17,7,5)
5. I love University of Kentucky basketball, grew up outside of Lexington
6. I love the fact that a blogging friend would lift my son and husband up in prayer regarding their Bolivia trip. They're home. All is well. They will speak tomorrow at a service especially dedicated to the mission work.

Thanks for praying and for visiting my blog. I wish I had more time to talk with you at She Speaks.


Joyful said...

Amy, you are the 3rd person to tag me in this game. I did list 6 random things about me on my blog on July 28th, under the post titled, "High Maintenance". Hope this will still work for you.
Thanks for tagging me! It was fun to read more about you!
Have a great day,
Love & prayers,