Thursday, July 31, 2008

Little Girl Lost

Today, I received a very sad email. Compassion International wrote to tell me that my sponsored child in Ecuador is no longer in the program. They were able to tell me that she is healthy and had completed the fifth grade. For some unknown reason, her parents decided not to send her anymore.

I ran into Karrie the other day. She is the friend I made at She Speaks that was traveling to Ecuador earlier this month. She carried a gift laden backpack for me and handed it off to the Compassion worker. I don't know that I anticipated Delia having received it yet. It would have had to make its way to the student center that she went to.

I called Compassion when I got off work to see if I could glean anymore info. The representative I spoke to said that there really wasn't much more. The parents don't have to give a reason. It could be that she was needed at home or it could be pressure from the community. Compassion is an evangelical organization. In a very Catholic country, they can be looked on askew. So, there was no more information to be had.

I did ask about the backpack. There's no way to know where it is at this moment. He said that the staff would likely still try to get it to her. I hope that they do. The things I picked out were with her in mind.

But, if not, they will use the things for other children at the center. As I thought about that today, I realized that while I had Delia in mind, God may have had several others in mind. The pack had a t-shirt, three stuffed animals, a book, a couple bracelets, binoculars, hair things, a scarf, . . . . The items could bless a number of children.

Though, there is one item in particular that I hope makes it to Delia. There was a locket with my picture pasted inside. I wanted her to wear it as a tangible reminder of my love and prayers for her.

Either way, I know that God will use those gifts. But, I am highly relational. So, I am sad tonight for this one little girl who is lost to me. But I can still pray for her and her grim, determined pose that God would hold her close and one day introduce her to me in heaven -- lost to me for a time but hopefully, prayerfully found in Him.



Pinkshoelady said...

Hi Amy,
I know that your heart hurts. My husband and I sponsered a boy and something similiar happened.

The one thing we kept thinking about and I'm going to leave this thought with you.

We may not be able to influence or support this child anymore but he will never be out of God's eyes.

So we still pray for him by name. We will not get another letter, or be able to send him a package but God will watch over him because of our prayers.

She may be lost to you but she isn't lost to God.

Keep praying for her.

She may end up in your "Thank You" croud in heaven.

Pamela R.

LeAnn said...

Hi Amy,

The same thing happened with the little girl that we (Proverbs 31 Ministries) sponsored in Ecuador. We have a new little girl now but it makes us so sad to think that our sweet little Mery is no longer in this wonderful program. We saw what a difference Compassion makes in the lives of these children, their families, and their communities. It breaks your heart to think of any of them leaving the program.

OK - on another note... I "Tagged" you. Visit for your punishment!

love and blessings,

Joyful said...

Amy, we "lost" our little girl too. Apparently she got married and was therefore no longer eligible for our support. She was only 14. Still a child.

Praying the Lord will help you through this loss.


Lelia Chealey said...

You may not know the reasons, but God does and He knows that you'll be faithful in still praying for her.
I bet she knows that too.