Thursday, July 17, 2008

Regular Programing Interrupted

If I could list the top things people across the board would say about me, they would be reliable, responsible, dependable. A bit of theme, huh? Viewers in the area have recently seen this message flash across the screen of my life: Regular programing interrupted due to major and recurrent power outages. Please check back later.

Sunday I turned my phone off for church. Monday night I realized I hadn't flipped it back on. So, I check my messages. There were three messages from Barnes & Noble. They went like this:

  1. Amy, this is Ryan. We had you scheduled for tonight. Just checking to see if you were on your way in.
  2. Amy, this is Ryan. We haven't heard from you. You were suppose to work tonight. Wondering if you are okay.
  3. Amy, this is Todd. We had you scheduled to work yesterday and it's not like you to miss. Please give us a call to let us know you are okay.

Work. What? Utter panic and shame.

So, yes, I was suppose to work Sunday night. Apparently, I skipped that when I wrote down my schedule. I typically work one evening during the week and Saturday night. That is not an excuse. I messed up.

Unfortunately, my brain seems to be having major and recurrent power outages. I recently had to see my doctor about something. I had seen her a week or so before and this was a follow up. I was convinced that she had given me a prescription. I had jotted myself notes but I couldn't find a prescription where I usually stow those things and it wasn't in the notes I had jotted. But I was embarrassed to think I had lost it, so I didn't call the office. I hunted and waited and hunted and waited.

At my last visit, I had to fess up as I was sure she would ask me about it. I had it wrong. All that hunting was for naught. We had discussed the possibility of a prescription depending on how things had gone. Uggh.

And then there was that time a few weeks ago. My friend Jill's two sons were putting on a concert. I got invited and Jill said, "Why don't you just come for dinner right before too." I should have been there just after 6:00. At 7:15 Jill calls wondering where I'm at. It took a few moments for it all to register and come back. But I made it to the concert and ate S'mores afterwards with them. Chocolate is good for those kinds of things.

Last night, I had to go back into B&N for the first time since missing. I REALLY dreaded it. We are talking major anxiety. So, I had returned Todd's call on Monday night and apologized, but I was still nervous.

When I make a mistake -- and even when I don't make a mistake -- I tend to over apologize. I prayed about it and decided the best thing was to face it head on but determined to not go on and on about it in my usual style. The first person I saw was Ryan. "Ryan, I am so sorry. I totally missed it on the schedule. I had my phone turned off. I'm really sorry. I know there isn't a lot of padding in the scheduling." He was very kind and reiterated that they were concerned because I was so responsible.

The next person I saw was Mary, our general manager. Again, I apologized twice and totally owned it. She said that it happens to everyone once or twice, not to make a habit of it, and that they were concerned.

My brain just seems to be all over the place the last few weeks. Please pray for a return to the normal programming. I much prefer it. In lieu of that, I'm writing everything down and triple checking it.

PS. Taking a break from the blog the last day or so was not part of the power outage. It was more of a conviction of how much time I let blog hopping and blogging consume. I love the relationships, the information, and the encouragement. But it was a reality check of sorts for me. It was good to spend a little extra time with God and a few other things. I think I have a bit more perspective on it. But, I am dying to hop all over and say, "Hi' and see what you are up to. So, hopefully, I will be visiting you soon!

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Lisa said...

Hey Amy!
I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I appreciate your comments on my blog and love to hear your heart when I hop over here.

It says alot about you that people know you as responsible. That is character, my friend. And it pleases the Father that you show CHARACTER to others through your responsibility. Honestly, I don't know you well and I would've guessed you to be responsible. It's just a sense I got.

Thanks for the friendship!
Lisa :)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh Amy!!! I could feel you on this. I'm so the same way!! I bet that was really hard to go back in. But, I too have to write everything down, on two calendars!!