Monday, July 7, 2008

Compassion International and Gifts

Hi all.
I am excited to hear about those of you sponsoring children through Compassion and World Vision. That is very cool.
I did want to clarify something. I am only able to send gifts because I know someone who is going to Ecuador and can hand them off to Compassion there.
Typically, you can only send things that are flat and do not change the shape of the envelope.
This is what I usually send:
  • pictures
  • a postcard
  • stickers
  • a piece or two of bright colored paper
  • a small bookmark
Anything that changes the shape of the envelope too much may get confiscated -- hence the rule.
If you do send anything, remember that everything must be labeled with your child's name and ID and your name and sponsor number.
It is a real treat for me to be able to send these things. Pray that you will meet someone traveling to your child's country that can carry things for you. Or join me in praying and saving for a Compassion sponsored trip to my child's country to meet them in person.
Oh, and don't forget that you can designate extra funds as a birthday, Christmas, or family gift.
Pray and write. Those are great things!


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

This is such a great thing! I look foreword to getting my girls invovled in this over the next year!

Hope you're having a good week! Don't work tooooo hard. =)

Ally said...

Unexpected packages make the best gifts, even when the contents don't cost much and aren't fancy. I love sending people random fun mail, and it's always great to read about how people are connecting with needy children all around the world. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...


You hit on one of my passions here. I love reading how you correspond with your kids from Compassion. You do so much and I know first hand how much it means to these kids. I bet Delia will wear her locket with great pride and deep gratitude for having someone like you love and care for her. You have such a sweet heart.

I am sending you a note, but this seems like a good place to mention a big THANK YOU to you. Hayley Grace and Sydney opened their letter and package from you today. (I made HG wait until Sydney could come over and they could open it together.) They got so excited. We copied the letter you wrote so Sydney could have a copy too. The girls can't wait to make some pipecleaner animals, jewelry,etc. You are so sweet and special. Not only do HG and Sydney thank you, but their moms thank you too. By taking an interest and giving to them, you are encouraging them to continue to be creative and serve and give to their sponsored kids. Thank you so much.

And thanks for the office cookies. I ate only one. It was delish :) I would have eaten more, but I was using great self control, just like your other post says:)

Amy, you are awesome. Thanks girl!

secondofwett said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! In answer to your question...we have four with World Vision and one with Compassion.....I have a hard time saying no when I see those faces.....they're from Ecuador, Philippines, Africa, and Brazil....but I will admit that I haven't personally kept in touch w/all of them which I feel very guilty about...sometimes the kids in my face took such a big chunk out of my life (and still do) that I'm afraid I haven't made it a priority.....I am going to try very hard to make a difference....thanks for the nudge.