Saturday, July 5, 2008

Seriously, God Left Me a Note -- Hope Chronicles 54

One of the perks of working at Barnes and Noble is meeting lots of neat people. Since they have come into a bookstore, we often have a similar love for books. One of the drawbacks is that people you have known at previous times and previous life situations sometimes pop up. (The background you need here is that I've volunteered and worked in social service for numerous years.)

Needless to say, someone from a previous life situation showed up the other night. Sigh. They totally stared at me. At first I thought they were trying to place me and I decided to hide behind a stack of books I was reshelving. I knew I hadn't been their favorite person in the past. As recognition dawned, her face hardened even more.

Since I was working customer service, I decided it was as good a time as any to take my break. I called and got permission and hid in the break room. But the uneasiness lingered. It wasn't that I thought they would do anything or necessarily say anything, but I like being liked. I tried my best with the families I worked with, but social service is an occupation fraught with awkward and challenging situations.

Add to that it was late and we were busy and I was tired. I felt my self confidence level begin to drop. All too soon, I had to get back on the floor.

Recently, I went to She Speaks. It was an incredible time and did wonders for my confidence level on an interpersonal as well as a faith level. Lysa Terkeurst commented to me that I had blossomed over the Internet the last few months. Blossomed. What a nice word.

I started putting the table in front of customer service back to rights. My eyes fell on the words, "Amy Bloom Away." I did a double take. I read it again. It took reading it three times to realize the author's name was Amy Bloom and the title was Away.

I haven't a clue if this a good read or not, but it seemed to me that God left me a note. I had to chuckle for all the times I've thought, "Please God, just tuck a note under my pillow. It would help so much." While it was sweet to hear it from Lysa and in various other ways from other people, I found those three words utterly confirming and encouraging.

As I've worked on these Hope Chronicles, I've discovered that God speaks in everyday things more frequently than I have ever imagined. I suppose the question all these years is if I've been tuned to the right frequency.

I found great hope in having God write that note to me. Though the author and publisher may think differently, I have no doubt that God knew one night I would need the reminder.

In what way has God spoken to you lately? If you want you can leave a comment or click on Mr. Linky and post about it on your blog. Either way, I'd love to hear!

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Lisa said...

Loved this, Amy. Yes, this was certainly a message for you from Him. Feel the love?

Lisa :)