Monday, April 13, 2009

Adult Onset Athlete

Last Wed as we were walking to the car after our Wed group run, another runner, Chris, used the term "Adult Onset Athlete." She said that it was original, that she had read it somewhere. I really liked the term! It describes exactly where I am at.

We really weren't encouraged much in sports growing up. We played a summer or two of Tee Ball and one fall of soccer. I liked Soccer, but my mom thought that we got too dirty, so that was nixed.

As an adult, I did take horseback riding lessons for several years. That did require my legs to be strengthened and a certain amount of stamina. But, I could only afford lessons once a week, so it wasn't the regular exercise it might have been.

Running is a new thing for me. I feel like I am making progress. Last Wed I ran fairly far ahead of the Tiger Group. Laurel was subbing for Peggy. She encouraged me to try moving up a group. So, I may try Group 10 on Wed.

The hard part is that I joined the Lake Run Club for two competing reasons. One was the exercise. I've always admired people who could run. The second reason was social. If I run in a different group I will be moving on without Katie and Chris.They are the people I've most connected with. But perhaps moving up will give me a chance to meet a couple more people.

Adult Onset Athlete. I've noticed some advantages to this. One is that I feel better. Running is somewhat painful at times because you push yourself. But there is a good feeling of accomplishment. Second is that I am tired. I know this might not sound like a great thing, but I have a history of difficulty sleeping. This has amazingly gone by the wayside in a dramatic way. Third, my clothes fit differently.

I need to be off to work. Have you considered becoming an adult onset athlete?



cautious1 said...

Hi Amy -
Good for you that you started running! There are many benefits of exercise - both physical and mental. I myself am not a runner but I do enjoy other sports (biking, golfing, etc.) Glad to hear that you sre enjoying getting out and meeting new people.
Keep up the exercise!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh no....not another runner. =) My husband is into this BIG time. Drives me UP the wall. He's always trying to drag me out there with him. ha ha.

HEY....GUESS WHAT??? Someone is sponsoring me to go to She Speaks this summer!! So I just registered. I put down IF you didn't have a roomate yet, I'd love to be yours! But if you already have one, I understand! I can't wait to see you again this summer!

Joyful said...

Amy, I had to laugh when I read about your mom pulling you out of soccer because she thought you got too dirty - THAT'S MY MOM!!!! haha!

I'm not athletic at all! Right now with my daily all day visits at the hospital, the only exercise I am getting is the daily climb up the stairs to floor 7! Well, I guess something is better than nothing.

Keep up the good work,