Monday, April 13, 2009


I had a dog for a bit as a child. Her name was Heidi. I was probably about 7. She would start out in her bed on the floor, but she typically ended up in my bed. I didn't invite her, but that is where she would be found in the morning. I was crushed when my dad insisted that she had to go. We gave her to an aunt. I don't think my yearning to have a dog has ever gone away.

A few years ago, I got a dog from the Humane Society. Her name was Cassie. I had her for 6 months and was crushed when after consulting with the Humane Society we decided she was probably best in a different home. She was pretty high strung. It turns out that she was very anxious to the point that she was on meds. She really needed to be around someone who was home more often.

The Humane Society encouraged me to try a cat. As you know if you follow this blog, I now have two cats. I'm crazy about them.

But still, something in me has longed for a dog. I liked going for walks with Cassie and such. So, I've ended up with a puppy. Her name is Hadley. I've had her about a month. I think she is a bit like a toddler. Everything goes in her mouth if I'm not looking! But I have enjoyed her. I'm just not sure the cats have!

Seriously, she is pretty laid back and incredibly social. She gets along well with other dogs and is friendly with people. She has done reasonably well with the cats. She chases them on occasion, but she also puts up with unprovoked boxing of her long ears. Mali, in particular, has made it her mission to keep Hadley in line.

Why Hadley? Well, the folks who had her before me were calling her Harley. I just couldn't manage to stick with that. Yet, I didn't want to confuse her by changing it too much. So, I went with Hadley.



Heather said...

What a sweet puppy! I hope that she works out well for you. With our small house, we aren't going to be able to have one here. Eventually I hope to get one, but not until our family finally moves out to the farm and people are around more often.

I hope you have lots of fun with her. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Hope things are going well for you...

LeAnn said...

She is adorable! I have a cat but... there is something special about the way a dog greets you when you come home. They are just so excited to see you. It doesn't matter what kind of day you have - coming home to a sweet puppy wagging her tail and jumping up and down just makes everything better! Blessings to all of you!


Joy in The Truth said...

Hi, Amy L. Brooke!

This morning when I woke up, the Lord put you immediately on my I am lifting you in prayer to Him!