Sunday, June 14, 2009

Focus -- Hope Chronicles 86

When I was a child, I was told I had an astigmatism in one eye. However, my eyes compensated just fine. My vision was 20/20.

My dad had glasses for as long as I can remember. My younger sister had glasses as a child. My mom got reading glasses sometime when I was in late elementary school. So, in some ways I wasn't surprised when things started seeming a bit out of focus this winter. At first I thought it was just when I was tired and I needed to catch up on sleep. Then I noticed that I would sometimes get a headache. In May, having not seen an optometrist for at least 10 years, I called and made an appointment.

To my dismay, My suspicion was right. I need glasses. There isn't just one but several things going on with my eyes. Sigh again. I picked them up late Friday afternoon. They actually told me not to wear them driving for about a week and to use caution as my eyes would be adjusting and my depth perception might be off!

It has gotten me thinking about focus. Not only have my eyes seemed out of whack recently, but for the last 5 or 6 months, my entire life has seemed off kilter.

In December I finished up my year of writing about hope. I was pleased with how it had helped me focus. But not having that commitment to write about it weekly, I lost some of the focus. So, I think I am going to pick it up again. I need the hope. Here is to a renewed focus on HOPE.


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