Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dear Springfield or Whomever Might Be Reading

Dear Springfield (Illinois Government),

I read today -- again -- about the budget. Seems to me that you've known the deadline was approaching and everyone has taken their time to put us down to the wire again and have that added pressure. And it looks like it is far from being balanced.

There's a lot of talk about cutting things. Yes, households cut things in times of crisis, but they don't cut the necessary things. They cut the fat. At least if they are smart they do. I'm irritated by all the talk of cutting social service funding. Yes, let's take services away from those who need it the most. Really? Is that all you can come up with?

I'm horrified to read that you may cut payments to foster parents and then read that you are okay with putting the kids on cots in government offices. Please tell me that is ludicrous. Well, I already know it is. Tell me you wouldn't really consider it. My guess is it is a force the hand type of thing. I think of that as bullying.

And then there are things like the Crisis Nursery. So, where will parents in crisis take their babies? Will you force them into keeping them in dangerous situations?

We want parents to work. But then you think of cutting daycare for low income families?

Preventative programs will all have to go. What kind of sense does that make?

And services for those with mental illness will get huge slices cut out.

And lest we think you are only targeting children, then there are the elderly. Of course, you already are behind on paying a number of those things. The average citizen gets behind and the bill collectors call. Do they call you?

So, then you talk about raising the income tax. Hmm. And that would stimulate the economy how? There must be another way. Surely there are other things to cut besides social service. And I'm sorry, but if I can't make my budget work I don't get to walk into my boss and say, "I need more money to balance my budget." I may need it, but that would never fly. So, why should it fly for you?

Think both big and little. How much do you each make? Well over what the average citizen makes. Before you cut job, maybe you could try taking a pay cut. Before you order out a meal on the state, maybe you should pack your lunch. I think people would applaud to see you all brown bag it. Before you buy specially engraved pens with logos and such, look at generic Bic.

You expect us to do more with less. Can we expect the same of you?



Jan Mader said...

Love your powerful post. I stopped by because of your interest in horses and animals.

I'm a children's author and animal lover. Please come visit!

Jan Mader said...

I found your blog when I was looking for a people who had an iterest in horses. I just clicked on horses (under my intrests) and it brought me to you.

I'm glad it did...