Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Sea Monkey Kind of Sensitive

I don't know where I saw the ad or exactly how old I was, but I was induced into spending my allowance on "Sea Monkeys." I remember they were suppose to frolic and play and such. If you had enough money, you could even by some equipment to go with them. I think I had just enough for the Sea Monkeys. They seemed like just the kind of pet my parents couldn't say "No" to.

So, I sent the money and Sea Monkeys came. They were ceremoniously dumped into a drinking glass. They weren't nearly as fascinating as the ad claimed, but I was diligent in feeding them even if I wasn't enthralled with them.

One day I went down the basement (where the Sea Monkeys lived) to feed them. Lets just say that somehow the Sea Monkeys perished -- probably the result of the glass being accidently knocked over. I was horrified and hid under my bed crying at the thought that I had killed all those tiny, tiny monkeys.

For clarification, Sea Monkeys are actually brine shrimp. I suppose that technically they are alive. However, they are no where near what my little girl mind had imagined. For my reaction, you would have though I hurt a bunny or a puppy or something like that.

All of that is to say that I can be a bit sensitive. Okay, not just a bit. I am sensitive. Maybe too sensitive. Because that Sea Monkey kind of sensitive has carried over into my adult life.

I see a counselor. It is a good thing, but yesterday was a hard session. We were talking about friendships and relationships and all that kind of stuff. It came out that sometimes my reactions are over what they might be. Well, that can put people on edge. While Julie was just trying to helpful, it didn't go well. As I thought about it last night as I couldn't sleep because of it all, the Sea Monkey thing dawned on me. I suppose, in that instance, I was Sea Monkey sensitive too.

My question is "How do you keep from being too sensitive/Sea Monkey sensitive?" My guess is that it is all the perspective, but how do you change your perspective?



travelmom said...

Hi Amy,
I have enjoyed your blog so much. I'm finally leaving a comment. Thank you for your openness - I think deep down, we're all just a bunch of insecure people, trying to do the best we can but afraid of not measuring up in many ways. Isn't it so wonderful to know that our God does not love us because of our performance? I always find that to be a great comfort in my life. Keep blogging - I love reading! Blessings!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Hi, Amy. We met at She Speaks--hope you remember. I was just thinking, as I read your post, that what has helped me recently in the sensitivity arena is realizing that much of my sensitivity is actually based around what I others will think about me if I fail. It has helped me to realize (at age 46! Slow learner!) that hardly anyone is paying any attention to me at all. They may notice a failure for a second or two, but then they're back to thinking about themselves. So I think this has helped me to let go of the shame of not measuring up, which is the basis for my overreactions to situations. Maybe that doesnt apply to you, but I thought I'd throw that out there. Hope you have a happy Independence Day.