Friday, April 11, 2008

The Cat's Pajamas

As many of you will recall, I recently solved the case of the mysterious missing pj's. Things have continued to turn up missing. Last night, I found two pot holders under the bed. So, if it is not in a drawer, it is obviously fair came for Mali to run off with!

I've been telling people all about Mali's antics and the tricks she is learning. I told my friend Debbie about the missing pj's. She couldn't believe I disturbed Mali's nest. (In my defense it is the middle of April and tomorrow in central Illinois they are calling for snow showers! I need fleece. ) She suggested that I could have some of Lucas' flannel pj's that he has recently outgrown. Tonight after community group, I asked Lucas (3 years old) about it. Lucas is fascinated with Mali, so he was thrilled that his pj's were going to go to her.

Yes, my cat now has pajamas. Is she a pampered pet or what?

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