Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tech Tip From a Tech Wanna Be

I usually leave the tech tips up to Amy at Split Decisionz but I found this and thought I would share!

Maybe all of you already know this. Maybe I'm the last one. But I found out the other day that we now have the capability of scheduling our post times. (No more fiddling with the time at the bottom so it says you are posting on Wed when your post really went up on Tuesday!) You can pick and ta da!

Here's how:

You sign in to "Blogger Draft" and you can write posts ahead of time and then set a time when they will be published. You sign in at http://draft.blogger.com/home

You write the post like usual and then at the bottom you click on "Post Options" and it lets you pick the time it will appear. I thought this was cool. In your list of posts, you will see it labeled as "scheduled."

So, if you are writing a series and want one tip a day to show up but have time to write on Tuesday but not Wed., Thurs, Friday -- you can still have posts show up then! Cool, huh?

But of course, you will always make time to read the wit and wisdom of your bloggy friends!

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Heather@Mommymonk said...

Oh, I did not know that. You are a wealth of information! I figured out the hard way that it's easy to do all of that with typepad, but not so much with blogger.