Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In the Midst of Printing

I am in the midst of printing the edited version of my book proposal. Alas, after all that work, there were typos and such.....

Now I am babysitting the printer. It either jams or runs out of paper....

I am having a bad case of nerves right now.

What if the airline loses the luggage? Maybe I should just do the carry on thing. Maybe I can borrow one.

What if something happens to the cats while I am away? I know it sounds silly, but the thought is there. Seriously, about 80% of the time one or both is watching for me in the window. What will they think when I don't come home for several days? I know I am being overly sensitive.

What if I don't find the thingy for my talk? I want to use said thing for an illustration, but three stores and no thingy.

What if I can't talk intelligently to a publisher? Seriously. What if I clam up?

What if I lose the proposal?

I've had an intermittent rash the last couple of days. I'm not sure why.

I showed the proposal to someone and specifically told them they didn't need to read it. I really just wanted the "Oh, it looks great factor!" (I care about content, but at the moment I am stressing about presentation.) She started to skim it. At first I didn't mind, kind of was okay with it, but after a few minutes my nerves got the best of me. I exclaimed, "Enough! I hate it when people read my stuff in front of me!"

She laughed and flipped through the last bit. She said the last part was really good! Ha!

I did promise she could read it, that I would print her a copy but she cannot read it in front of me. There's just something about watching someone pour over something you've put your heart into....

So, I'm going to have to bite my tongue if the publisher flips through it. If I talk funny when you meet me at She Speaks it is either that I have a funny accent (I don't think I do, but you might!) or I've bitten my tongue so hard it is swollen and I can no longer enunciate!

Look forward to meeting some of you and sharing with everyone when I get back!

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Nicki said...

Oh Amy! I'm so excited for you!! I can't wait to meet you but also to see what God does through this time for you at She Speaks!! You are going to do great! I'm praying for you!

Laura said...

Praying you have a great time and can relax and enjoy your self!! You will do great!!