Friday, June 6, 2008

Chronicling Hope and a Question for YOU

I'm off and visiting other blogs (when I should be writing), but I have to come back to my blog to pick up a few links. As I was doing my blog hopping, I noticed the top of my blog archives says "111". That means that I have blogged here 111 times. Because I like even numbers, I'm making this blog so that it will be 112!

But really, when I started I thought I would blog once or twice a week. The pictures and quotes are a bit misleading (back dated to make the links at the navigation bar at the top). I really started blogging here in early December. That means I average a blog every couple of days.

That is kind of amazing to me. Even more amazing is that people read and leave nice little comments. I love the give and take of it.

What do I blog about? Everything. It seems that my life has turned into one big, bloggy event. Everything is fodder for the blog. And it has increased my fascination with my camera. It's so fun to illustrate.

So, really, what do I blog about:

  • My cats. It's amazing how prominently they are featured and that they provide so much material.

  • Friendships. Relationships are huge for me. I'm always trying to think through those.

  • Singleness. Though, while I mention it some, this hasn't been as big of a pull for me as I thought it might. However, I've appreciated all of you married people out there leaving your words of encouragement.

  • Kids. I love kids, so my adventures with them -- if it is ice skating or watching them nap on the couch with a cat -- all go into blogdom.

  • God. This blog is meant to be about God's work in the day to day things of life. As I've sought to write about Him, it is amazing all the ways He has shown himself to me.

  • I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this blog is about HOPE. I started it on a mission to write weekly about hope. Of those 111 posts, 48 are hope related or part of what I call Hope Chronicles. A friend told me the other day that she starts reading and wonders how I will bring it around to hope. (The Hope Chronicle title gives it away.) Yet, she said that I always manage to, that I come at hope from all different angles.

As I've sought to prepare, God keeps bringing this image to mind:

Isn't it amazing where things grow? Rocks wouldn't seem to be a good flowerbed, but here they are with just a little soil. With God, we can find hope in the most unlikely places.

Writing about hope has been my way of combating depression. While, I still do the other things to help, it has been the first time I've made such a concerted effort to turn the wave of my thoughts. It has been a blessing and a wonderful choice.

I'm going to She Speaks. I'm working on a book proposal about hope. It's not meant to just be for those who are depressed. I want it to reach a broader audience. But, I need 3 chapters. I've got some ideas and have started and stopped various things. But now I am starting to panic. It is so close....

I thought I would ask, if you've read some of my stuff on hope or even if you are new to my site, does any one stand out to you? No, I'm not asking you to spend hours reading -- unless you want to. But if there was one idea that grabbed you and you remember it, could you leave me a note? I'll hunt down the specifics. Just jot something like -- "The difference between your cats being a princess or stray" or "Your thought about the moon" or "Riding horses."

While I have the ideas and somethings started, I think this would help me know what speaks to people and some encouragement as I stay up late and get up early to write and to speak. (I opted for the speaker's track officially, but I'm really doing a combination.)

I'm going on June 19th. And the conference starts the late afternoon of the 20th. But since I'm there early, they gave me early appointments on the 20th (11:30 and noon) for my book proposal. I am meeting with an agent and the representative from Howard House.

Please pray!

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heather said...

One of them was the idea of wholeness at the end of your "lame will leap post"
The moon one was incredible to me...
the last few paragraphs of Hope # 38
God singing over us... rejoicing over us with singing... the reference from Zephaniah
"It doesn't matter anyway"
"waiting with expectation"
the whole idea of being scared to hope, because what if it didn't happen...

Ok, I am going to stop there, or i won't be able to narrow it down for you. a lot of your posts about hope really spoke to me. I hope others will be able to help you narrow down as well.. because I am not sure I was any help here!!! :)
Love you,

Elizabeth said...

By far my favorite has been the Dead Man's Crawl-H.C. #17. I love the thought that we may set goals but only God REALLY knows when that goal is reached to its fullest.
I am still reading often and love your thoughts and insights about hope and life!

I hope you are doing well.

Renee Swope said...

I love the moon one. I so appreciate you sharing it with me last week on my blog. It was an amazing reminder of God's light in our darkness and how we are simply created to reflect His light, not be THE Light.

I love your new haircut, too. Very stylish!! I'm getting a new "do" this week. Taking a risk since it's so close to She Speaks but hopefully it will be a good fit for summer.

See you in just over a week. Wow, it's getting close!!! I think you'll really like meeting with someone from Howard publishing. They are a great group.


Heather@Mommymonk said...

Well, I have to admit, I may need to re-read some to give you a good answer. BUT, the one about stray vs. princess was powerful. It stuck with me. I think having an early appointment will be a good thing. I am praying for you!

Robin said...

Looks like you won't be able to make lunch, but I wanted to let you know about it. I hope your meetings go well!

Hey :),

Lisa B. and I are just trying to get word out for an impromptu Blogger's lunch on Friday. Please...join us if you can!

Blogger's Lunch 11:30 am
Chili's Grill & Bar
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Concord, NC
Exit 58 off I85
Phone: (704) 721-3859

(I didn't see an email, so I'm posting this in comments :) If you can come, please let one of us know! :)).

Robin @

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