Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 Words to Change Lives

One of the most positive things about working at the Barnes and Noble has been the people. I do not know if it is B&N culture wide, but in my store, there is a consistent demonstration of appreciation. "Thank you for getting up to cash-wrap so quickly." "Thank you for jumping in and helping Peggy with that cart." "Thank you for coming in when you weren't scheduled . . . ."

I have never been thanked so often for doing my job! It's what they pay me for. But thank you has a way of changing our perspective and in turn our lives.

I've generally been polite and said "Thank you." But now I notice myself doing it more and more -- particularly with people who may not get thanked. The other day I was at Meijer. One of the cashiers had been very helpful on something. I stood in line at customer service to tell the manager. In some ways it wasn't a big deal, but the manager noticed that I stood in line to tell him. He said, "Usually, the only time people come here is to complain."

On Monday I called Barnes and Noble's main office. I told them I just wanted to let them know how much I appreciated the "Thank you's" from all the managers and what a good working experience it has been because of it. They said they would pass it on to the regional person. Last night I ran in to grab a card and Mary (general manager) expressed her appreciation that I had called someone and told them that. Like the person above, she said they usually only hear something if it is negative. I told her that I could have just let her know, but I wanted someone bigger to know what a great job they were doing.

Many of us will be traveling the today or tomorrow and home again on Sunday for She Speaks. Travel stresses me and I get impatient. But I am going to remember how much thank you has meant to me and look for people to appreciate. I think it might change my whole travel experience!

Will you join me in the quest for showing appreciation even if someone is just doing their job?

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