Thursday, December 11, 2008

40 to 40 (Gratittude 36)

I am grateful for my friend Debbie. I've only known Debbie about a year and a half. I appreciate it that at times she can help me keep life in perspective.

Debbie is very petite. Her husband Joe is extremely tall. Debbie has said that it took her a long time to realize how tall he was. For most people I think his height is obvious, but I think part of it is that Debbie has enough self-confidence that in her mind she probably is as tall as Joe.

She is always on an even keel and helps me by asking, "So, why does what they think matter?" If you know me at all, what other people think matters intensely to me. Sometimes I need this counter balance to the idea that what people think matters intensely.

I love it when I go over there and she says, "Ella es mi amiga" to her children. (She is my friend. In other words I'm there to see her and not play with them.) I feel like she values my company.


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Joyful said...

I have a precious friend named Debbie too! I can totally relax with her. She knows sooo much about me and loves me still. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for the Debbie in my life tonight.

Love & prayers,