Monday, December 8, 2008

40 to 40 (Gratitude 33)

I am grateful for trust. This past week I helped with childcare (teen) for my friends' children. One of their older children and his wife stayed with them for the majority of the week. I helped out with transportation after school and then this weekend.

I am grateful that my friends trust me with their children. They were a bit worried that in the midst of so many people helping out that someone would forget somewhere. Remarkably, no one got forgotten as far as I know. Their older daughter actually listened to some phone messages and alerted me that one of the boys had a dental appointment. Between the two of us we managed to get him there and picked up. When I went to drop the boy off, his mom had called the office apologizing that she needed to cancel. She didn't know we had worked it out.

I am grateful for this trust.


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Joyful said...

I have a single friend who loves children and who is now in her 40's, but she has been the one who I have relied on countless times with my son in the past. The first time I ever left him in her care he wasn't even 2 months old. My Uncle had passed away and I had to attend his funeral out of town. My friend came to our house and looked after my son and then drove him to the funeral reception afterwards. I was so incredibly thankful to have a friend who I could trust so completely with my precious little boy.

Amy, I know your friendship is valued by so many. As you are grateful for them, I knew they too are grateful for you. I know I am!