Thursday, December 18, 2008


There's a saying in Illinois, though I've heard it about other parts of the country as well, that if you don't like the weather just wait 10 minutes and it will change. Hmmpf. I'm not buying it or all of it. They forgot to say that if you don't like it that it might just get worse!

We have snow on the ground. Tonight we are suppose to get freezing rain. They are anticipating about an inch of ice on the ground in the morning. Hello. I can't skate. When I go to the skating rink, I'm lucky to make a couple laps while holding the wall.

Illinois does have seasons. On an intellectual side, that appeals to me. On a more rational side, I would love to skip winter. I was talking to a neighbor and she agreed that it seems like the last couple of years we've gotten more and more snow earlier and earlier.

The way it's headed, it could very well be a white Christmas. While it makes everything look clean and pristine for about 30 minutes, snow is highly over rated for those of us who are adults. If I have to have a white Christmas, I just wish it was a white, sandy beach type of Christmas!

PS. I should mention that I get claustrophobic when I think I can't get out and about even if I wouldn't normally be going out and about.



cautious1 said...

Amen to that sista!!! Everyone is anticipating a snow day tomorrow around here. As I glance at my t.v. screen, many schools have already decided to close their doors and get an early start to their weekend! I certainly wouldn't mind a 3 day tree still isn't decorated, I have gifts to wrap, cards to write and of course, a foot or so of snow to shovel!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!!!
Let me tell you, I wish the snow would move a bit farther north. I am a huge fan of snow. We have about 5 inches on the ground and when i heard a big storm was coming, i was really hoping it would come our way more... oh well, it seems the really big ones always go south of us.

I know, I'm sick! :)

The only reason I was praying for a clearing of the storm is I have some friends driving from central WI today all the way to Tennessee. I really didn't want to see them in an accident. Thankfully it looks like things were clear enough for them to get through. I didn't hear from them, but I am still praying! :)

I hope that you stay safe... and that you don't feel too trapped with the weather... its a good time to curl up with the cats, hot chocolate (or tea or coffee) :) and read a good book.
God bless,

Joyful said...

Well Amy, although I feel we have many similarities, we are going to differ here. I LOVE THE SNOW!!! I drive everyone nuts around here because I'm so happy when it snows. The weather man here reported that over the next 3 days we are suppose to receive more snow than we usually receive in the entire month of December!! YIPEE!!!

Praying you'll be safe and enjoy the winter wonderland!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

You are so funny! You just need to move yourself down here to the south! We BEG for snow! And when it's gone!

I have the windows open today!! Can you believe it??!!