Monday, October 27, 2008

For Me

Sometimes I write more for me than anyone else. Other times, the ideas God gives me seem to be for someone I don't know that may need to hear what is said.

The last few days, I've felt God prompting me to share a bit of the book I've been working on: Hope's Choice. Today, I got my first rejection. It was short and to the point:

"I have finally had a chance to review your proposal and attached chapters. I am sorry to inform you but I am going to pass. It's a very well presented proposal and your writing is admiral, however books in the Christian living category demand from publishers that they are supported with a significant platform."

I knew it was a long shot and people rarely get published first time out. Still, it was a bummer. But then I realized the circle I had made in what I've shared the last couple of days. I shared from the chapter: Hope Deferred -- When Life Doesn't Measure Up.

I got a small giggle out of this. Because it seemed God was placing my words and His words back on a silver platter in front of me. I think these last two posts were totally for me!

But it is still in the hands of a few. I need to keep at it.


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Laura said...

Oh, I am sorry about the rejection. It still stinks! I know of an author that sent out the manuscript of her first book only to be rejected countless times. Finally someone took a chance and her book went to become a top seller. When she got the news that her book had reached top selling status, she also got a rejection letter from a publisher for the same manuscript! Ha ha! So be encouraged!! Keep plugging away if you really feel this is the path the Lord has put before you! Praying for you!!