Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Review -- Hope Chronicles 68

I knew they were coming. I just didn't know when. I guess every October everyone at Barnes and Noble gets reviewed. Two of the managers told a group of us at customer service last night that they would be happening. Uggh. My first thought was that if it was going to make me cry, we had best leave mine for the end.

I suppose that yesterday's post on perfection prepared me a bit. I reminded myself that I didn't have to get a perfect score (an "exceeds standards" in my mind). One of the other managers had told me someone has to do something truly exceptional to get one of those.

My 4.0 personality didn't like that idea, but reading everyone's posts from yesterday helped me keep it in perspective. I didn't get any "exceeds standards" but I did get lots of great written out feedback like the fact that way back last Dec. 29th a customer called in to compliment the service I had given her, and another customer had said, "Amy treated me great" or that I come in when needed and respond quickly to pages for help in certain areas. So, over all it was pretty positive. There are things I need to work on to make better, but everything "met the standards."

After getting reviewed that way, knowing that they actually track the "kudos" we get from customers and other employees, it tells me that they are really watching -- not in an weird way but lots of things I did without thinking got noticed and I had forgotten about them

So, I got reviewed last night. My question today is, if I sat down with God today, what would His review say? Would it say that I helped a homeless man or gave to Compassion International? Would it say that I am sometimes petty and that I'm easily hurt? I don't want to know my life time score of consistency in my time with Him. (I try, but . . . .). Would it talk about the times I shared about my faith and the times I didn't follow the prompting?

Scripture tells us that we will have to give an account for every word we say. In the NIV in Matthew 12:36 it says "But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken." Wow. I should really bite my tongue more.

I have hope however that in such a review at the bottom it would say "Loves Jesus. Not quite there yet but striving to be like Him. Dearly loved by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit." And everything else would fall away.

I still need to work, talk, act, as if that holy review is coming, but there doesn't need to be any trepidation because I know that my heart is tenderly held in the Father's hands. He knows I will mess up and "not meet standards" at some points, but the bigger thing is my relationship with HIM. What a hope that is!

What would your review say? When you got to that last question about your relationship with Jesus, what would it say?



LeAnn said...

Hi Amy,

As usual... you got me thinking! I wrote about it on my blog :)

Just so you know... you definitely "exceed standards" as far as I'm concerned!

Love Ya,

Joyful said...

Great post Amy! I think no matter what I did on any given day, I still feel there is more I could do. Don't think I'd ever hit that "exceeds standards" comment. Praying that I wouldn't be striving to just hit some 'mark', but be obedient to His calling and let my actions, words the overflow of His love and life in me.

I could be out there doing all sorts of good works, but my heart could be far from motivation entirely wrong. So thankful God doesn't look at the same things as man - what we appear like outwardly, - but, at our heart. Praying that 'review' would find me loving Him more with each passing day.