Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why Not What

It's week 5 of Lisa Whtittle's book hosted by Lelia. This week was on "Miss Spirituality." So, here is my 5 point sermon outline. Just kidding! But it is something Miss Spirituality would have on hand for moments like these when she is feeling tired. She would whip it out of her binder and wow you all.

Though, I've at times played the part of Miss Spirituality, I think the biggest thing that hit me this week was Lisa's statement on page 79:

"The point is not that Miss Spirituality does these things , rather why she does these things."

What kind of things does she do: Sunday school -- teaching, going, leading, serving the poor, organizing, helping out local organizations, memorize scripture, . . . . The concern is that she does them out of concern over what others will think or notice.

It made me think of the Pharisees being concerned that everyone saw their godliness. In the temple a woman gives out of what little she has (Luke 21). She doesn't do it because of how much she has and the need to show it. Rather, she does it because she believes it is what God calls her to do.

People may do the same things, but the difference can often be found in the why or heart posture behind what they are doing.

Sometimes, for me it is running back in the house at the last minute to grab my Bible so people won't notice I forgot it. God wants me to have it in service, but what people think is the wrong reason. I guess, in some ways, I am Miss Spirituality.

What good things do you do for the wrong reason?



Lelia Chealey said...

Oh Amy...running back in the house to get your Bible. Ouch sista!!
Great post!! I just hope my Alivia doesn't catch on to my pretending. I'm shipping her to Illinois if she does. :)
Love you,
THis book Amy....has my heart, attention & is teaching me so much!! Thank you is so small.

Cindy said...

The heart posture is different for all of us. For me it was fear of being hurt ~ therefore protection.

I love simple honesty of this post.

Karyn said...

Thanks for this blog; it's a great read. Karyn www.christiancupid.com/blog

Anonymous said...

HI! This is my first visit to your blog, so I read your profile. You have such strength about you... I don't say this to patronise, only to say "good on ya!"... This was a great post. Bless your heart! Naomi

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I like your reference to the woman in Luke 21.

You know you've made me think about something. In the church I attend (since December) most people do not take their Bibles because all of the scripture is on the screen. Now I came from a church that I always took my Bible because the pastor would ask us to turn to it and I didn't care for the pew Bibles (not notes to read for explanation if needed right then).

Well, NOW, I feel weird to take my Bible. I want to but no one takes theirs so I feel weird. Of course, I do take it on the days I attend SS because we need it in there.

I'm thinking I should take my Bible anyway. I always take a little notebook and I write notes in it. I even feel weird carrying that and taking notes. I want to remember so I do it for myself but most people don't even fill out the sermon notes provided on the bulletin.

I don't want to be different but I do want to do what I feel like doing and that is taking my Bible.

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

I found this to be a tough question: "What good things do you do for the wrong reason?"
The first thing that poped into my head was al the ministries we are involved in. We have filled in and gotten "stuck". We filled in because there was a need, not because God called us. Tough question.
In His Graces~Pamela

HIS Daughter said...

Thought provoking Amy - What good thing do I do for the wrong reason?

Wow..first thing that hit me was so yuck!! When I ask my brother in law who is a Christian and a very brilliant doctor AND also knows tons of theology, etc. - when I ask him a question in e-mail about someting...I really want to know his view.

However, is it just to understand God better or is it away to "impress" my brilliant brother in law in my knowledge of what I've learned.

I know the answer because when he comments, "I am amazed at how much you have learned in so short of time..it's amazing"...I am so pleased with yuk...myself.

Glad I got that one out...Blessings for asking...I need to definitely confess that nest of pride,
p.s. I didn't proof read...sorry

Laura said...

5 point sermon outline...LOL! You are too funny, Amy. What kind of good things do I do for the wrong reasons? Too many, I'm afraid. I think that type of service has it's part. There are a lot of thankless jobs in the Lord's house that need doing. Also, sometimes I am trying to set an example for the kids. Soooo, yes, there are plenty of times my heart is not in it.

And here is a surprise: We have met, Amy! We sat together during dinner at SheSpeaks one evening. We really didn't get to talk...I think it was noisy and I was feeling shy. But I remember you...

Carol said...

Well if you want the whole list it would be the worlds longest comment. ;)

Well for a brief time we went to a little teeny church of like 28 people (long story) and we volunteered for everything. It actually wore me out. I know we didn't do it for God we did it partly because there were really not a lot of other people, but also it was a pride thing.

Lisa said...

I love how you used a very simple illustration of taking the Bible somewhere for others to "see" rather than carrying it because you are hungry for it. What a great way to "show" the message of this chapter!

Sometimes it's really tough to examine these things about ourselves, but it is always best to choose to face truth. Satan would love for us to just "let it be" and do things unconsciously to feed our own flesh. But God continues to draw us back to a place of authenticity. I believe He always wants us to be about searching our heart and our motives. It's the only way to keep walking in truth.

You are dearly loved by Him...and me!

Lisa :)