Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wisdom and Curiosity

I don't light candles much at home because my cats are climbers. This candle was on the mantel and Mali was athletic enough to make it up there. But watching her with it got me thinking about wisdom and curiosity.

Which one of these pictures are you?

I think the picture on the left shows some reserve, some decent caution. The picture to the right is when curiosity bombarded in. While she never actually touched it, she did sniff and hover about it for around an hour. Then I blew it out because I didn't want to keep tabs on the candle with her around!

In someways, I think curiosity and wisdom go hand in hand. Curiosity about how things work are probably what has brought so many inventions. But there has to be wisdom in knowing when and how to use them.

With a little help from the serpent, Adam and Eve grew curious about the fruit on the tree in the middle of the garden. They could eat anything else, but they wondered if the serpent's lie was true. Would the fruit really make them like God? A bit more wisdom might have been in order.

Moses was curious and wise. When he saw a burning bush that wasn't burning up, he went over to investigate. I probably would have run for help. In his wisdom, he knew he was in a holy place and when instructed to take off his sandals, that is exactly what he does!

Nothing too profound today, but I do wonder where wisdom and/or dangerous curiosity come in to play in my life. Do I know when to turn to God rather than listen to lies? Do I know when I stand on holy ground/or are among holy moments in my life so that I can metaphorically take off my sandals?



Joyful said...

Curiosity unchecked can get us 'burned'. The old saying is true, "Curiosity killed the cat". Our curiosity must be balanaced with wisdom.

Thanks for sharing Amy,

Carol said...

Hi again Amy, I had stopped by to read your Chapter 5, and found my self caught up in your other posts. I love your kitties expression, especially wisdom.

It's true we must use wisdom in our curiousity, think before we leap right? Funny though how many times I didn't heed that advice.

Great post.

P.S. I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog, and your kind comment.