Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just a Few More Days -- a Lament

I met some one for lunch today, but I must confess. I was quite ill prepared in dress. I walked because it was just a few blocks, but the whole time the wind whipped about my raven locks. My hands were cold as I hurried on. I thought two layers would be quite enough. Alas, I think that summer has gone and I lament that there aren't likely to be even just a few more days of hot summer days to sit in the sun at lunch and read a book or take a walk.

Tell me how I can trade these

for these?

How can I trade this

for this?

Because I know the ONE who paints
skies even in suburbia that look
like this:

He is bedding down His creation in preparation
for next summer.



Kay said...

Oh Amy, you are so gifted. I love your faithfulness in your posts and look forward to reading them every day. God touches my heart through your words. Blessings to you my dear Christian sister.

Carol said...

That was wonderful. I love the photos and the way you used them to enhance your writing.


cautious1 said...

Don't remind me of the impending winter! Ughhhhhhh......every year I wonder aloud why I stay in the "balmy" state of Wisconsin. I hate being cold and while the fluffy white snow is pretty, it gets a bit old when we get 12-14 inches at a time!!!! I was born in the dairy state and I'll probably die here as well (unless I become a missionary in Guatemala :)
Hope you are doing well, Amy!
God Bless -