Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Mailbox Is HAPPY

My mailbox is so HAPPY! I've been praying and waiting for it to come. Today, I found this in my mailbox! It is the first letter from my newest Compassion child, Ambar. (Some of you may recall that Delia left the program. Compassion immediately matched me up with Ambar.) It was this summer and I wrote to her right away and have sent a few letters, but I hadn't heard back yet.

Ambar is 8 and lives in the capital city of Ecuador. She wrote me about going to church and school and playing dolls with her cousin. She says she lives in a small house with her parents and siblings and that she has fun with her dog on the weekends.

I had received the packet on her, but it is nice to have something actually from her! She wrote the end of August, so it took about 6 weeks to get here.

How sweet to read her promise that she will be praying for me always.

If I get excited over a letter, imagine what a letter from you might do? Imagine how happy that would make an impoverished child. So, if you sponsor a child, your homework tonight is to write a note to them. If you don't sponsor a child, please pray about sponsoring one. On my sidebar you can link to children that are waiting for sponsors. Maybe the picture showing now is the child for you!



Joyful said...

So glad your letter arrived. I think your "mailbox" isn't the only one that's happy! :o)

Your child is blessed to have you as a sponsor.

Have a great weekend,

cautious1 said...

That's exciting that you received a letter from Ambar!!!!! I couldn't wait to open my 1st letter from Francisco - it warmed my heart! I love writing to "Frankie" as I affectionately refer to him as!!!!!!

Hope you are doing O.K.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting about your experience with Ambar!

It's great to see that you continued your sponsorhsip with another child.

Also, thanks for having the Compassion widget in your side column.

I did take notice, however, that you did not have any links from Compassion in this post. Would you mind doing so?