Monday, November 17, 2008

40 to 40 (Gratitude 12)

In as much as any one pushes you nearer to God, he or she is your friend.

I talked to my friend Jill on Saturday. We had played a bit of phone tag. She was on her way to Missouri with her teenage daughter and a couple of friends. She decided to take some of the drive time as an opportunity to give me a call.

The call began with her saying how long it had been since we had talked. Then she said, "I've missed you!" It was really good to catch up a bit.

I am thankful for Jill and her husband Mark for a number of reasons.
  • They have been very good to me. With my family being all over, Jill has promised that I will always have a place to go.
  • They have been a source of emotional support.
  • They have encouraged me at times.
  • They have forgiven much.
  • They have been committed to the relationship even during conflict.
  • More than anything, I think they have, as the quote above states, pushed me nearer to God. Mark is also my pastor. He does a great job of teaching each week. Jill has challenged me to always have scripture in front of me.
So, I am thankful for Mark and Jill. And it did my heart good to hear that she missed me.


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ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Special friends are so important! Love reading all these!