Monday, November 17, 2008

A Bounty of Snail Mail

Lately my mailbox has been very busy. Much to my surprise, Jesus has been writing me. I've gotten several cards with Bible verses tucked inside them! They have been very encouraging to me. I know that some hands must be helping, but I appreciate the effort and do feel like Jesus is writing.

Then, I've picked up a pen pal. Elena and Grace use to live here. I sent Elena (8) a birthday present. She sent me a thank you not and said, "Write back!" I did. I asked her if she was asking to be my pen pal. I promised a letter for every letter she writes me. I've gotten my third since the end of September!

Lysa Terkuerst looped me in on a project for Sharon at Joy in the Truth's son. It involved a traveling journal and postcards and info about different parts of the country. It was through school. Interestingly enough, his teacher's name was Mrs. Barnhart. Mrs. Barnhart was the name of my kindergarten teacher. (No, we don't live anywhere near the same state.) I passed the journal on as instructed to Elena in Michigan who was going to send it to someone in Florida.

And then there is my Compassion child. Kay (Kayirangwa) from Rwanda wrote me the sweetest letter ever.She asked for prayer for school and for her mother who has pain in her back. Then she told me how beautiful Grace and Elena's pictures were. (I send pictures of various people and thought getting pictures of two little girls might be more fun than just adults or cats!) I had mentioned their mother moving and might not have been clear that they had moved too. She wrote:

She asks if Grace and Elena moved too? Kayirnagwa liked those children alot. If they too moved it's sad and if she had been able she would have come to remove you from that loneliness.

She's praying for you that you have a happy Christmas.

How sweet is that for her to think that I might be lonely because Grace, Elena, and Allison moved and want to help?

I love email. I'm probably addicted to it, but I must say that all of this snail mail ROCKS!


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Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

I love Snail Mail...when you open it up and there is a colorful or pretty envelope instead of bills and junk mail! :) Such an encouragement!

Amy: you did a great job on the project for Joshua's class! The letter with pix was great. And the postcard is in their classroom.

Thanks so much!