Saturday, November 29, 2008

40 to 40 (Gratitude 24)

I am thankful for a good, safe holiday and the feeling that I have changed. I spent Thanksgiving in Indiana with my friends Jill and Mark's family. This meant a meal at Mark's sister's, a meal at Jill's sister's, and a visit to Mark's father's house. We spent the nights at Jill's parent's home.

Lots of times in these kinds of situations I get very shy and quiet. Occassionally, I probably did get quiet, but someone mentioned that I was "holding my own" in a couple of conversations with people I don't know well.

It was a good holiday.

I spoke with one of my sisters. I need to brag on my neices and nephews. My oldest neice is a freshman in high school. She has been saving money since last year and now has almost $1,000 towards a trip her senior year to France. My one nephew is extremely bright and has a great well, rounded personality. He was a joy to talk to. My other neice is in a Spanish immersion school. She is in the 1st grade and reading at a 5th-6th grade level in Spanish and 7th-8th grade level in English. (Since it is a Spanish immersion school, they don't even teach reading in English until the second grade.) They've had to start giving her third grade spelling words to challenge her. Actually, all of my sister's children are extremely bright, nice kids.


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Renee Swope said...

So glad you had such a great Thanksgiving. I love that you were able to spend it with Jill and Mark's family. I bet they are a fun bunch!!!

Thanks so much for your visits and prayers on my blog. I so appreciate you being available to call if I need a friend to pray with. We've had so many calls from church friends and family checking on JJ"s progress that I tried to miniize my phone talk time when I could today b/c I wasn't feeling very good. I just watched football all day with JJ in the hospital and researched what they think he has.

Before I started feeling bad, I got to run with Holly this morning so that was great and we got to pray some, too. I liked what you said on my blog about the most important purpose of our training for the race - to be together. Running has brought special times for me to run with him and a few friends who also run so it's had lots of benefits just like you said!!!

Hope you have a great Sunday!